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Ultimate Guide about Staffing services: Definition, Services, Fees & Requirements


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

About staffing services in Vietnam

Staffing firms provide businesses and organizations with employees in all business segments, from medium and high-level positions. Nowadays, staffing solutions in Vietnam not only match candidates to businesses but also provide highly knowledgeable and skilled employees for businesses in a specific case. In today’s article, Navigos Search will help you have a deep look at these terms of services, how it looks like and how it can help businesses solve the problem.

What does staffing services mean?

Staffing service is neither an employment agency nor a recruitment firm. Staffing providers take roles as an employer. After receiving the requirement need of clients (businesses employment need). Then they will send an application to a business and the applicant becomes an employee of the staffing service. This means that the applicant becomes an employee of the organization for a specified length of time.

staffing services in Vietnam

What does a staffing agency do?

There are many services that a staffing company offers. But in general, staffing services in Vietnam usually offer three different kinds of services to adapt to businesses’ employment needs.

  • Long-term service is also known as “facilities staffing solutions”. This kind of service helps to place staff in long-term assignments for indefinite periods of time. This type of solution is usually used in professional and technical sectors that require long-term staffing.
  • Temporary service is a popular service in the industry. This type of staffing solution helps businesses by supplying workers in the short term, especially to fill the absent staffs or to supplement existing staff during the, particularly busy time.
  • Term-to-perm or term-to-hire service, if used in case business, wants a chance to try out an employee on a temporary basis and then hire that employee if they found them fit their wish.

staffing services in Vietnam

Who should use this kind of service?

The listed factors below were considered as the main reason to bring businesses to the decision of staffing services in Vietnam. 

  • Employees shortage - In the rough economic times, businesses have trouble in recruitment employees who adapt their requirements. And if this situation happens for a long time it will bring the businesses to labour shortages. So outsourcing a staffing company to replacement workers seems like a good choice.
  • Skills shortage - The revolution of technology in modern life can bring businesses facing a shortage of skills and knowledge to adapt to technology. In case businesses can not adapt to providing talented candidates who have enough skill and knowledge, the best choice still relies on a staffing company to help them cope with fluctuating demand.

Benefits that businesses can get from using staffing solutions?

Besides the hard case in that businesses have to choose staffing agency to solve their problem, knowing what benefits they can get from these kinds of services also help businesses have a nice decision in using the labour outside their talent pool. Below are some benefits that companies can get from outsourcing this solution:

staffing services in Vietnam

  • Training service including - Not for all, but some firms also provide training for their temporary workers to get fit with businesses’ needs and requirements. Companies who want to sharpen their employee’s team or learn new changes could find these services might help.
  • Flexibility - Not all businesses or job seekers want to control and control when they work or what kind of work they do. Then the staffing service can bring the most flexible choice for both employers and job seekers.
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For companies who do not want to advertise the employment, interview candidates, and do the payment term, benefits can use temporary staffing services in Vietnam who can already handle these tasks. Final words, do not forget to ask for a consulting arrangement before signing any contract by being consulted by the professional can help you have a clear look at any services. Besides that, if you have a problem finding and replacing a high-level or making an executive search in the future, do not forget to contact with Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm and recruitment agency in Ho Chi Minh City and other cities (Danang, Hanoi) in the country. Our expert consultant team can help your businesses find the right next leader. Contact us by email or filling the form on Contact Page for international consulting with the best performance.