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The hidden corners of the "headhunting" were revealed by the top senior headhunters Navigos Search


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

A deeply look about what is headhunter Vietnam in recruitment looks like nowadays.

Navigos Search is one of the leading headhunter agencies in Vietnam. In this post, let the top senior headhunters Navigos Search share about “headhunting”

Every career contains risks, and with the headhunter job or recruiters, the risk is dependent on how much they understand about candidates and the client company instead of just focusing on finding people to "fill in the blanks". In today’s article, Navigos Search will help you understand more about the hidden corners of the headhunting services that never revealed before.

What is a headhunter job meaning in before and now?

The career of "headhunting", also known as a headhunter, officially appeared in Vietnam in the years 2003-2004.

What is headhunting in recruitment?

According to the memory of Ms. Thanh Huong, a recruitment consultant with 13 years of experience at Navigos Search, when she first introduced herself as a headhunter in Vietnam, most people thought it was terms of a job broker, not a one who offer the job headhunter services.

In the old days, whenever someone receives a question about what is a headhunter job, they used to think: “Job brokers used to charge candidates 'fees rather than customers' fees because at that time the concept of candidates was the ones who needed the works. But for the executive search firms, the opposite was true. The way they support candidates is also different. We have to follow the whole process before, during, and after they start a new position. 

What is a headhunter job look like?

For typical HR consultants like Ms. Thanh Huong, every day of work as a headhunter is a day of different emotions. Your morning can be fun because the candidate accepts a job offer, but in the afternoon you can face a lot of trouble because the candidate announced he/she refused the position. "Emotions change very quickly in a day but the most shocking is the case the candidate has received a work offer, agreed and then finished disappearing at the last minute."

According to Ms. Thanh Huong, a headhunter meaning itself is about executive search, inside that both senior and high-level candidates are talented candidates, who have many different choices, many different works invitations. Navigos Search is not the only executive search firm that looking to them. Such executive employees will have many other opportunities, so when they put on the scale they will calculate what needs to be prioritized at a time.

headhunter vietnam

A headhunter Vietnam not only hunting for talent people from building his/her network but also need to take the trend of technologies and social channel such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. If they want to help organizations hiring managers, they will need to screen the resume form many platforms, interview, and then bring them to the business client.

What do they do?

When looking for talented employees or senior and high-level positions, businesses want to use a third party or often take parter with a headhunter agency because each field will have its specialized people and their connections.

In general, headhunters Vietnam offers businesses with many types of recruitment solutions, but the most common are:

  • Contingency search
  • Retained search (executive search) 
  • RPO services.

At Navigos Search, the RPO services including employer branding, vendor management, back-office support, onboarding, hiring, and recruiting.

Mr. Le Minh Dung, in charge of recruitment of oil and gas, energy, and heavy industry sectors of Navigos Search shared: "The headhunter is not one who always faces rejection but can see the candidate's ability, motivating them to bravely change themselves to better opportunities."

Unlike before, the headhunter is no longer a work broker or recruiter

"For us, our clients are also the employers and the employees, we will do everything to benefit both sides. Our role is to grow together with the business and the candidate, to become a bridge provide information for them to build better plans. If at all costs I "hunt" people of other units, our customer file will become smaller and smaller, so we can not develop", Mr. Le Minh Dung admitted.

In modern life, the employees take control of making a decision choosing a job, the headhunter is just the supporters to help them make the right decision. As well as help their business clients get the right or specific person to fill the important position.

From Ms. Lan Ngo’s point of view, the more cases the candidate refuses, the urger the job headhunter service providers need to find out the true demands of the candidate now and in the future, then they have to offer the new opportunity that best suits their wishes paid and roles.

"We do not always direct them to the opportunities that we are planning for them. It is important that candidates want to do, not what the headhunter wants," Lan said.


The characteristic of the headhunter Vietnam is sometimes as similar to the "jobs matchmaking" and recruiter, who consult both clients and candidates simultaneously. Sometimes thought was a successful connection between the two sides but eventually disbanded. The main thing people should know about the headhunter Vietnam is who build the bridge connecting the employers and their right employees. Finally, we hope through this post, people will have a look at what is headhunting in recruitment and what is a headhunter job looks like nowadays.

In Navigos Search, we help our client with our best suitable job headhunter services and recruitment solution. For further information or consulting by our HR expert team, please contact us by open the contact page or visit our sales team at the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.