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Let's find out why choosing an executive search firm sometimes better than a company recruitment process


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

8 months ago

An effective hiring process is essential for every business because it not only avoids costly, time-consuming but also helps recruit quality candidates. Owning a best-recruiting process is an important stage to help businesses find talented people who are suitable for the position of the company. Therefore, for the job recruitment process to be successful, bringing high results, employers must always prepare carefully for each stage in a company recruitment process. Here are suggestions for businesses to build the optimal recruitment process.

What does the company recruitment process look like?

The internal recruitment of business usually included these steps: defining the role, attracting applications, managing the application and selection process, making the appointment, and interviewing, hiring decisions.

a company recruitment process

1. Recruitment notice

Businesses only need to prepare a recruitment notice detailing the requirements of the company and the benefits that the candidate will enjoy on social media. By this, candidates will know if the job is right for them to apply for applications.

2. Recruit and select candidates

Once posted, the employer will receive many resumes. However, not all profiles are suitable for job requirements so employers need to filter the records just like a prequalification interview, the employer will select the most appropriate records for the job position and then plan the interview. Doing this will help employers save a lot of their time in the hiring process.

3. Making the appointment and interviewing

This round helps businesses to evaluate candidates in many aspects and qualifications and job acceptance. In addition, employers need to prepare questions to exploit more information about characteristics and personal qualities that are appropriate for the business or not. In this round of interviews.

4. Hiring decisions

After the probationary period, the employer makes the final decision to select the most suitable candidates for the job and eliminate candidates who are unable to meet the requirements of the job and then decide to hire them or not.

What does the executive search process outsourcing look like?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider.

HR job recruitment process services will perform part or all of a company recruitment process for the company professionally.

HR job recruitment process services will perform part or all of a company recruitment process for the company professionally. Recruiting services will set up and manage the recruitment process most effectively as well as perform all the jobs of the recruitment process, from building hiring strategies, sourcing candidates, screening candidates, agreeing to sign a labor contract until the candidate starts working. The company's human resources department can then focus on more strategic and important tasks such as training, development, and talent retention for the company.

Benefits of the RPO Recruitment Process

In some situations, businesses can not hire an important role or build a large team for their company in just a short time. This required business to outsource another party to help them doing a recruiting. 

Some benefits of the RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing services that businesses can get from outsourcing them.

Besides, hiring a few people in charge of recruitment for the company is risky because there is no guarantee that they have enough expertise and experience to recruit the right people and the right job for the company's needs. Building a fast, professional recruitment process is a challenge for the new staff. Below are some benefits of the RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing services that businesses can get from outsourcing them.

  • Reasonable recruitment solution and lower risk compared to traditional recruitment
  • Reduce the burden of recruitment costs in the context of a volatile economy, which can be flexible to increase or quickly reduce recruitment requirements.
  • Avoid restructuring the recruiting department
  • Find qualified and experienced candidates quickly. This is one of the challenges that cause headaches for employers because of the many applications and the number of bright faces.
  • Appreciate the quality of candidates because the recruiting professionals work professionally and quality.
  • The HR department of the company has more time to focus on other strategic jobs


The recruiting process is a complicated task and businesses should be prepared to ensure that no failure for a high-level hiring process. To ensure that businesses make the best recruiting and the most suitable candidates are selected for the job, outsourcing a recruitment agency or executive search is always a good idea. In Vietnam, Navigos Search helps businesses with the professional hiring process. For more detail about how the executive search process in Navigos Search looks like, you can contact us today or visit us on the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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