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How an executive search consultant help your company find the next leader?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

Let's find out how an executive search consultant helps your company find the next leader!

The process of recruiting senior or high-level employees is extremely necessary for every business. Certainly, finding the right candidate will be a challenge. Businesses not only have to find the candidates who own the combination of skills and cultural suitability but also of the importance of senior positions, HR team often has a high pressure of time to quickly fulfill the senior positions. That’s why most businesses choose to outsource executive search solutions. In this article, Navigos Search will help you understand more about this kind of HR service and how to apply them in your internal recruitment need.

What you should know about executive search consulting solutions?

The high-level position in the Vietnam market becomes more exciting when many businesses are looking for talented people. Many hr services companies are born just to look for good people and provide them with businesses. The high-level employees will continue to grow strongly in the coming time and to retain talented people, businesses must have good remuneration for good personnel, as well as a professional working environment.

What is an executive search consultant?

Executive Search Services is a form of HR outsourcing for businesses. This service is defined as the process by which an employer transfers the entire process of recruiting managerial or higher level personnel to another provider. Through the process, the client's businesses will receive advice or support whenever they need, especially in recruitment high-level and C-level searches (such as CEO, CFO...replacement). In this case, the business will work directly with a retained search consultant from the search firm.

Besides, you can learn more about the "Executive Search Process".

executive search consultant

Benefits of using the retained search consultant

To have reliable and successful recruiting, companies can partner with third parties who specialize in screening candidates and are experienced in the legal environment. The ideal partner must be a familiar and up-to-date business with the latest sources of laws and regulations governing the background screening process. Their main role is to check candidate information legally and securely so that companies can continually hire the right talent for their business. Below are some benefits that the retained search can help businesses in finding talented people.

  • Find the right staff that meet the businesses requirement

Enterprises only need to make detailed requirements to select personnel. Service providers will base on these criteria to find and select bright candidates to fully meet all the needs of customers.

executive search consultant

  • Help companies save time and effort recruiting

Recruiting appropriate personnel is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. Businesses with large workloads will not have much time to recruit, especially those at the top level. Therefore, recruitment took place quite sketchy. Hiring personnel is not quality.

Service providers will replace the A-Z recruitment process from the business. Therefore, businesses can focus their time to develop core jobs.

  • The service provider supervises the probation staff

After being selected, the positions will undergo probation before being officially signed. Senior recruitment service providers will assist with probation supervision. Therefore, businesses can be assured to use the service and get the best personnel for their company.

What executive search services can help businesses finding the right talented candidates? 

Way executive search agency helps businesses in recruiting high-level positions:

  • Customers provide recruitment information (position, number, job description ...) to an executive consultant.
executive search consultant
  • The executive search consultant sends quotes, references, and service contract agreements.
  • After signing the contract, the executive search services agency will use its channels and database to deploy recruitment activities. Within 2 weeks, the candidate profile will start to be sent to the client after the prequalification round to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the client’s recruitment criteria.
  • Customers conduct interviews with candidates, either in person or over the internet with the support of an executive search services agency.
  • The clients select and recruit candidates until they have enough employees, labour, workers to recruit. Payment process based on mutual agreement.


In Vietnam, the job as consultants attract most people. The executive search consultant salary can range as a new high earning work in Vietnam. To see more about the executive search consultant salary in Vietnam, please see on the Navigos job search page.

It is almost no hope for an organization to recover from the mistakes of poor leadership choice. That's why replace a high-level is an important decision that required businesses’ knowledge and experience in recruiting. In Navigos Search, a leading executive search firm in Vietnam, we are dedicated to helping businesses find their next talent leader in their industries. As well as fulfill important roles with executive search firms. If you would like to consult by our HR executive consultant and find out more about executive search case study, please contact us today or visit Navigos Search firm's office at the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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