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Guideline: Everything to know before working with a recruitment agency step by step


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

There are two types of recruitment, an in-house recruiters team, and a recruitment agency. Every company has in-house recruiters that help them adapt to the employee’s shortages by successful hiring. An internal HR team can do any tasks in the recruitment process including prepare recruitment notice, screening profiles, conduct job interviews, etc..  What about a recruitment agency? What do they do and how they can help businesses better than an in-house team? Let’s find out it in today’s article.

What does a recruitment agency usually offer their clients?

What is a recruitment agency?

In general, a recruitment agency or recruitment company is a business that is paid to find suitable employees for their businesses and organizations.

recruitment agency agreement

Which services recruitment agency usually offers?

Nowadays, the recruitment market becomes more competitive when every job seeker is looking for a good job and a high salary. Finding and hiring senior or high-level positions is quite hard. This is why most businesses choose to outsource a recruitment agency to help them find the right people for their empty position. In general, businesses can get benefits from these kinds of recruitment services: 

  • Temporary recruitment - The candidate is paid by the agency. Employers are charged by the agency for basic hourly/daily pay; NI, Holiday pay, sick pay; Margin of profit (the margin will change depending on location and sector.
  • Term-to-Perm recruitment - Agency usually charge a transfer fee.
  • Contingency Search - Agency only gets paid once the candidate accepts the job.
  • Retained Search - Unlike the contingency method, there is a staggering payment process to retained recruitment.

Recruitment agency requirements, agreement, and fee

Before outsourcing a recruitment agency for help in finding talented employees, do not forget to find out clearly about how they can help you with, what kind of services that you choose, and what recruitment agency requirement you need to prepare before starting the search. 

recruitment agency fees

  • Recruitment agency requirements: In some cases, to party with the recruitment agency Ho Chi Minh Vietnam to conduct a search, businesses must prepare for a meeting with the recruitment consultant teams. By this meeting, the recruitment company brochure also a recruitment company profile pdf will suggest presenting so that two sides can understand more about each other.
  • Recruitment agency agreement: A document provides two sets of terms and conditions: one for recruitment agency relationship with candidates who seeking jobs and the other with client businesses who employers or hirers. Use it where the agency advertises positions, finds candidates, and screens them. It is the client who eventually employs an applicant. The positions to be filled could be temporary or permanent.

recruitment agency Ho Chi Minh

  • Recruitment agency fees: Normally, the recruitment agency charge the client a fee calculated as a percentage of the candidates’ annual salary and is paid based on the number of candidates placed within your company. In Vietnam, some recruitment agency in Ho Chi Minh divide it into 3 main fees:
  • Temporary worker fees - This fee is made up of their basic salary plus a percentage placed on top.
  • Temporary to permanent fees - If the recruitment agency supplies businesses from the temporary recruitment to permanent employees, the agency can legally charge businesses the transfer fee. 
  • Permanent placement fees - a first installment paid upfront; a second installment upon presentation of a short-list of candidates, and the third upon a candidate's acceptance of your offer of employment.

Outsourcing a recruitment agency can bring most of the benefits for businesses, including reducing costs, finding the best talent faster and reduce failure hiring. Just make sure one thing that your businesses have prepared enough before partnering with them. Asking for recruitment agency requirements, fees will help businesses avoid costly risks. As a leading recruitment agency Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Navigos Search proud to bring the best recruitment solutions to the domestic and foreign investor want to invest in Vietnam. To be consulted by our expert HR team, please filling the contact form via the contact page or visit us at the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.