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Best tips for a successful partnership with a placement agency


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

11 months ago

A placement consultancy service can be different in the general recruitment definition. While headhunters are one who can both work in a recruitment firm or company to looking for best-talented employees for businesses, a placement agency is an organization or agency that helps unemployed individuals find work. Let’s find out more information about the place placement agency in this article.

What is a placement consultancy in Vietnam?

Don't confuse recruitment agencies with a placement agency (employment agency). A recruitment agency is a headhunter moving to find talented employees, their customers are enterprises that need to recruit employees. And the placement agency then introduces jobs for job seekers, their customers are employees.

headhunter placement agency

What does a placement consultancy in Vietnam include and how its process work?

Placement agencies take a middle role in the recruitment process by interviewing the candidates to find a suitable one for employment positions. In Vietnam, a job placement agency sometimes provides services to both employers and employees.

  • For employers who looking to hire new employees: A placement consultancy in Vietnam can help businesses in recruitment services by giving them qualified workers for contract jobs or available positions.
  • For jobseekers: A placement agency is open for job seekers who are looking to find a suitable job based on previous work experience and skills.

headhunter placement agency

Placement agencies take a middle role in the recruitment process by interviewing the candidates to find a suitable one for employment positions. Their recruitment process including:

  1. Recruitment companies receive a list of vacancies from employers.
  2. After receiving the job requirement, the placement agency will post job notifications on the internet, websites, social networks, and other channels. They will always monitor and update the CV of the latest candidates.
  3. After preparing all quality candidates, the placement agency will set up an interview and choose the best suitable candidates who fit with the client company requirement.

Tips to know if the recruitment services which businesses outsourcing suitable for businesses or not?

Many businesses do not like to use recruitment services. The rate of quitting employees through the hiring agency can be very high, making it difficult for employers to build long-term relationships with third parties recruitment.

headhunter placement agency

Employers often feel that the recruiting service doesn't understand their requirements, and employers are often not good at working with service providers to improve the problem. Recruitment services offer by a headhunter placement agency sometimes also charge significant fees for employers. Businesses need to consider outsourcing a third party to help in recruiting new worker when:

  • Hire a lot of members to fulfill the talent pool.
  • Want to lower hiring cost and saving time in recruiting new people.
  • Do not have the quality recruiting process and want to learn from the third party who has more skills and experiences in recruiting talented employees.

Benefits employers and employees can get from outsourcing a headhunter placement agency

Both headhunter and placement agency services can help businesses get benefits from helping them in doing a part or entire of the recruitment process. Listed below are some benefits that both employers and employees can get from outsourcing a third party in recruiting.

headhunter placement agency

A good recruiting service will help a lot of employees, especially when pursuing a more senior position in the later stages of their careers. The hiring company can convince an employer in a way that a direct job applicant is often unable to, and if they have successfully worked with an employer in the past, they will have a feeling. Better on what employers are looking for.

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Outsourcing headhunters or placement agencies can be a good choice if your business’s strength is not about recruiting. Using the third party to help you find new employees can save businesses time and budget, also reduce the failure in hiring. In case you need help with placement consultancy in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact the Navigos Search firm. Our talent consultant team will help you improve the talent pool in the best way. Keep in touch with us by filling the form in Contact Page or visit us on the floor 20th, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.