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Why talented HR Recruiter apply for Search Firms instead of businesses?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

There are a lot of opportunities in the market for HR consultants recently thanks to the increasing demand for talent pool and the trend of putting people as the most valued asset of the company. So what will happen if you working for an executive search firm? How the picture about a career in executive search look like? May you can find them out in Navigos Search today article.

About a career in the executive search industry 

In the Vietnam market, normally people with HR major have 2 choices for their career path:

  • Joining the HR department of one company: this company can be in any field, such as technology or marketing. All companies need an HR consultant to perform the task of recruitment, training, salary management... But the HR department is just one part of the company, other departments will perform their tasks in a specific field like logistics or medical.
  • Joining a search firm: the executive search agency will be focusing on the recruitment process.

a career in executive search

Executive Search career review 

Normally, large companies will build a partnership with an executive search agency with a good reputation. The salary of staff in an executive search agency is among the highest paid in the HR field.

So, the higher the level of position, the better the commission headhunter can have. Thus, it can be said that the salary of the executive search firm may be more attractive than a fixed salary of staff in the HR department of normal companies.

Why talented choose to work for agency more than businesses? 

There are some reasons making HR consultant talent choose to work for the agency rather than the business. 

  • The first reason is income-related. As is mentioned in the previous part, a talent in the recruitment process will have more chances to attract and persuade suitable candidates in an agency. As a result, the commission received will be better.
  • The second reason is the relationship building. When focusing on the task of recruitment only, the staff of a search firm can have a chance to build a relationship with people from the relevant industry, increasing the chance to attract a good talent pool. While the staff of 1 normal HR department, they need to focus on training as well as other tasks of HR business partner such as salary, compensation… It can be seen that the nature of the job giving one headhunt more opportunities to connect with the most suitable candidates. This is the productivity of specialization. 
  • Thirdly, it is about the ease of competition. One executive search can approach candidates from a lot of professional services, such as logistics, consulting or marketing with their skill and experience.

a career in executive search navigos search viet nam

While HR staff in business may just focus on one field only. So, in case one HR consultant wants to change to a new company, with experience in multi fields can give them more chance of success.

How business can do to attract talented HR Consultants? 

In order to attract talented HR consultants, one of the most important elements that businesses need to look into is the income package. It needs to be aligned with the benchmark in the market. For sure, the salary can be motivation in the working environment.

a career in executive search Navigos search Group

Secondly, the business needs to be clear on their strategy so that HR consultant can have the vision of why they need to stick with that company and how they can build up internal talent following the company’s strategy. 

Thirdly, the business can become a partner of an executive search agency, but it still needs an HR consultant focusing on people’s development which may be not the strengths of an executive search firm.

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In conclusion, the executive search firms are attracting more talented HR Consultants, which is not only opening more opportunities for HR business partners but also predicts that the labor market is getting busier when an executive search firm can proactively reach out to all talent that may suit to the opening position.

In Navigos Search, we help talent get successful with a career in executive search by offering them the most suitable services. We also help businesses in Vietnam and foreigners to find top talent for senior and high-level positions. Or in other words, we serve the recruitment solution that can Bring The Best People Together. For any consulting about executive search services, please let Navigos Search know clearly by filling the contact form below. Or visit us on the 20th floor, E.Town Central Tower, 11 Doan Van Bo, Town 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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