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Should Your Company Be Recruiting or Outsourcing Recruitment services agency


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

Using recruitment process outsourcing services is one of the famous kind of HR solutions that attract most of the organization from every size. However, sometimes businesses will find there is more convenient to make their company job recruitment than hiring some other to do that. So what is the key point to resolve this problem? Which is better and more suitable for your business? Navigos Search will help you find them out on today’s topic.

Overview of company job recruitment and HR outsourcing

In general, the hiring process takes place when companies try to fill some vacant positions within their organizations. The hiring process includes some steps below.

Company job recruitment process

Firstly, companies prepare job requirements and create posts on their websites or external ones, using advertisements if needed, as well as connect with universities to attract suitable candidates. Then, employees will screen all resumes that are applied by potential candidates to check whether they are qualified for the next interview round. Next, the screening process may involve interviews or other methods of assessment. After that, recruiters will check applicants’  background, their experiences in ex-companies, and what ex-colleagues say about them.

company job recruitment

What’s happened when you use recruitment services?

On the other hand, recruitment services will search for suitable applicants, then connect them with employers. Recruitment agencies will summarize the lists of vacant roles from their clients, and then they place adverts on internet job boards as well as social media. They are also always on the check for a new resume being applied to all of their job boards.

Understand these issues, Navigos Search brings to our clients the Recruitment process outsourcing- RPO services which allow businesses to gain the best suitable talented employees while do not spend must time and money. With the high quality and professional recruitment process, Navigos Search RPO services will find candidates who can adapt the necessary skill sets, technologies, and process methodologies to ensure the organization’s requirements.

company job recruitment navigos search

If you have ever search on an internet job board for the available positions, you will probably realize that very few ads mention the enterprise’s’ name that is recruiting. The reason for this is that recruitment agencies are worried about not getting paid: if you saw a job that you liked, and you applied directly to the firm, then the recruitment agency would not get its fee.

Advantages of internal recruiting and outsourcing recruitment services

Both internal recruiting and outsourcing recruitment services have their advantages that companies should consider carefully before deciding which one to use.

Advantages of conducting an internal recruiting

For using company job recruitment, you could make sure that candidates will fully understand their cultures, missions, and current business situation. Because recruiters are companies’ staff, so they will transfer all information correctly. Moreover, the HR department could develop talents, not only hire them. Internal HR departments usually have related training on an onboard day or during the probation period of new employees to make sure they fully understand their tasks and how to conduct a job successfully. Also, companies could plan for long-term changes in human recourse with the company job recruitment process.

company job recruitment Navigos search in Viet Nam

Advantages of outsourcing recruitment services

On the other hand, outsourcing recruitment services enable companies to have access to more and better candidates. Besides, it saves a lot of time for enterprises to focus on other important projects. The recruitment process could take a lot of time to complete, recruiters can end up spending hours and get nowhere.

The internal HR department has to scan resumes, connect with candidates, interview, negotiate about the salaries before making hiring decisions. One more huge advantage of a recruitment agency is market knowledge. Hiring consultants need to update the latest changes, developments, and current trends in the fields that they are doing the job for. This information will help them to give you exact advice on what to do and what needs to be changed for the whole hiring process. Such insight will enable them to guide you through the entire process, advising you of any changes that might affect your process.

Can we get talented employees without using any recruitment services?

The answer is Yes, you can find talented employees by yourself. But the problem here is about time and what your company has to spend to find the right one.

Attracting the best and brightest employees to your company is not a one-time-only event. It is a continuous process. Companies that are serious about their long-term futures should be continually networking and building relationships with individuals who are at the top of their fields. 

Someday, they may become new employees to fill in vacant positions. They could either recruit on themselves or outsource recruitment services as long as they find the best talents for business. Moreover, salaries, benefits, and working environment are the main factors that enterprises must take full care of if they want to hire qualified people and make employees stay as long as possible.


In conclusion, all companies and organizations have one thing in common: they all are looking for the best talent to enhance their business. Either applying a company job recruitment or outsourcing recruitment services could help them during the hiring process, so they need to choose which one is fitted with their current request.

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