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Job search firms: Ultimate guide in finding professional positions


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

over 1 year ago

Whether you are looking to leave your current position or reenter the workforce, the excitement of a new position is often to defeat the difficult task of job finding. Do you really want to check all job boards on social media or websites to find potential vacancies, invest time into revising your resume, and passively waiting for the phone to ring? To make the process easier, you should consider working with a job search firm. When working with a job search agency, you will be helped a lot in your job search. A recruiter could match you with a vacant position that requires your experiences and skills.

The definition of a job employment agency and a job search firm

Before deciding to choose when to ask for help from an employment agency or headhunter for your next work, first, you must know who they are and what they do in the world of employment recruiting. 

What is a job employment agency?

A job employment agency provides services for both employees and employers through online resources and networks within a country or even abroad. It promotes the public and private sector works by connecting potential candidates with potential positions. See more helpful information about job employment agency here.

job employment agency

They also help place workers, particularly in the private sector. This HR third parties usually focus on one of three fields:

  • Personnel placement services
  • Staffing services.
  • Executive search firms

How about a job search firm?

There are some differences between a search firm and an employment agency. Job search firms usually offer the employment process and hiring solution for senior and C-level searches. Their services are applying for a specific period of time to help organizations to find a high-level candidate to fill a vacancy.

Normal ways people find a new career

Nowadays, employees are becoming more creative and utilizing new strategies in moving their careers forward.

job search agency

1. Networking

Sometimes, some work vacancies are never advertised, often known as the "hidden jobs market". To apply for these vacancies, seekers will need to find networks that help them in locating work opportunities. You can attend events for graduates of your school, join professional associations or aim to connect with professionals who work in your field. Moreover, there are various online tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter which enables you to know about possible position openings. 

2. Referrals

Referrals also come from your friends, then you are invited to apply for a position without actively looking for a new position. Some employers offer incentives to their employees after the candidate that they refer to pass the probations.

3. Job Boards and Career Websites

Job boards were traditionally just that – boards posting vacancies and employment opportunities. Nowadays, the virtual format is the new trend for many job boards. Often federal or state governments will provide job boards that employees can access. You can also use the vast number of career-searching websites that post position openings, such as,

4. Job Fairs

Job fairs are typically targeted toward specific fields, though some recruitment fairs are more generalized. These ads will usually come with a list of the organizations that will be present. You should prepare your resume to be fit with any business that interest you and then sell your abilities and skills. Some companies may even conduct on-site interviews with candidates that match their expectations. Some annual Job Fairs on the market such as Tech Expo, Career Fairs at universities ...

5. Company Websites

You should go directly to the career section of your dream companies’ website and then look for vacant positions. 

Benefits of using a job search agency than normal methods.

On the other hand, using a job search company could bring you some benefits than normal methods.

1. Recruiters save your time.

How many hours do you spend searching on career websites and apply for suitable positions? By using a job search agency, you reduce a lot of workloads. Recruiters have their clients, so they devote a large amount of time to making sure clients’ requests are completed.

job search firms

2. You can network on a larger scale

You may have strong connections with former college professors, past employers, friends, and relatives. Even if that group is large, it still cannot compare to the number that recruiters have. Recruiters invest much time making connections through phone calls, databases, and face-to-face networking. By using a job search third party for your next career, your network grows exponentially.

Actually, after sending a CV to a recruiter, your documents not only be considered by one HR department. Fortunately, in case they find you good for their clients, then you will have a chance to connect with another recruiter and change in career.

3. Recruiters help you through the process

They can coach you on interviewing techniques, and, after your interview with the employer, the recruiter can give you feedback.

Finding the right recruiter can help you to understand more about the demands and requirements of employers also with their job placement process, from how to applying to get accepted with good offers. Good recruiters help you to improve your resume and show you how to succeed in the interview by their experiences.


In conclusion, it depends on your current situation to choose a job search firm or maybe headhunters to get the positions you want. In case you are not in a rush finding new work, you can do it yourself and vice versa

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