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How a labour agency can help your organization solve the talent shortage


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

Overview of labour agency and how it can help business?

Nowadays, any foreign business which operates in Vietnam doesn’t rust time and cost in finding the best talent staff. They can choose to hire a senior recruiter who has enough skills and knowledge to fulfill the business requirement. Or evenly, outsourcing a staffing service is also a good idea for businesses that don’t have enough time, money or eventually want to focus on the core activities. So what is a labor agency do and how business can answer the question of how to find a labour agency near me? All issues will be resolved by Navigos Search’s topic below. 

The meaning of labour agency in the HR industry

According to research from Glassdoor, it is estimated that for every job that is posted, enterprises will receive approximately 250 resumes. For companies that do not have a human resources department, this is often a daunting and unmanageable workload. As a result, there are more and more companies hiring labor agencies to outsource staff.  

labour agency

In general, a labour agency is a firm or company that has employees that can be hired out either for a temporary or long-term job. Some agencies focus on specialized industries such as accounting, marketing, or business development while others conduct service in multiple fields.

Staffing agencies are different from recruitment search services. Headhunting companies find a suitable candidate to recruit a full-time employee. Those employees do not belong to the agency, they are the staff of the client company.

What labour agencies can help employers and employees

Normally, labour agencies always conduct both the hiring and firing process. They also pay for the salaries, employment taxes, Medicare, social insurance, etc. The client company provides the number of temporary workers needed and salaries. After that, staffing companies will negotiate with each staff for a specific position.

A job seeker can use an employment firm to find a wide variety of jobs, including permanent jobs, in a variety of industries. Staffing agencies recruit everyone from entry-level workers to senior roles. Job applicants could take advantage of using a staffing company to work for their dream enterprises.  Usually, they will do the job searching for potential candidates based on skills and experiences. They know of job openings that aren’t available on other job boards. It is a great way to get help in finding job openings. Moreover, it is free. Because their clients are enterprises, job seekers do not have to pay to be considered for jobs.

The benefits of using labour agency

Regardless of the employment type, there are great advantages for an employer to outsource a labour agency such as expertise, cost, and availability of employees.

1. Offering a level of expertise that far exceeds internal human resources departments

Employment specialists, in-house recruiters, and a recruiting manager to supervise staff could require a lengthy hiring process to search for qualified employees. After that, they will conduct service with the best-qualified employment specialists and recruiters, usually at a lower cost. Employees of labour agencies generally are on top-tier related to employment trends, job knowledge, and recruitment practices. They also have expertise in several fields if the staffing firm specializes in certain fields, such as health care providers. 

2. Lower costs in comparison with hiring an internal recruiter to screen and hire candidates.

On the other hand, labour companies can control the whole recruitment process. They also save costs related to background investigations, pre-employment testing for employers. Besides, employers could reduce a large amount of money related to benefits administration and payroll processing. Small employers often rely on labour agencies to provide them with employees that tick all the boxes at remarkable savings.

3. Staffing companies have a larger network of available applicants than most employers.

For example, employers have needs for seasonal workers would need to create job posts on social media, interview applicants, and process new hire documentation within a short time.

labour agency near me navigos search

On the other hand, an employment firm may have relationships with candidates they’ve already identified as qualified for these positions and can fill vacancies in just some days. The network that staffing agencies maintain can connect with potential employees who can fill any role an employer might anticipate or have.

Final words

For foreign investors who want to find the best employees for their business, asking for help from a "labour agency near me" can be a good way to approach domestic human resources. Read more information about the Vietnam labour workforce.

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