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Headhunter and Placement agency, how to choose your right partner?


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

The headhunting placement agency is a middleman who helps to connect job seekers and employers.

Are you having trouble in the searching job? Or are you finding it difficult to have more applications to your opening job? Then, a third party like a search firm might be the solution to both questions. However, there are 2 types of search agencies in the market: headhunter placement agency, so you need to well understand the differences between these 2 types to find the fittest one. Both types are earning by helping candidates or companies to find each other.

Headhunters and placement agency definition

What are headhunters?

A headhunter is a person who is hired by a company to find qualified candidates for a job position. Of course, the headhunter needs to make sure the candidate has a full set of skills that meet the requirement of the company.

headhunter placement agency

What a placement agency? 

On the other hand, a headhunter placement agency is an organization that helps connecting candidates to employers who have the demand for talent to fill up their vacant positions. Anyone who would like to find a new job can contact a placement agency via phone or email to submit a CV for an opening a job position. Then, the placement consultants will contact back the candidates if they find their CV matching their expectations. Typically, the placement agencies will get paid by the candidates after helping them to get the job successfully. 

The difference between using a headhunter and placement agency’s services

Before cooperating with a headhunter placement agency, these are some key differences that businesses should understand about them before working with:

  • Firstly, there is a difference in candidates. A headhunter usually focuses on someone who is not actively seeking a new job, but their profile is matched with the client’s expectation. While a placement agency normally looks for active job seekers. 
  • Secondly, the way a headhunter and placement agency finding the potential list is also different.  A placement agency will use ads to attract a massive number of reactive candidates, then the list of applications can be utilized for the opportunities in the future. On the other hand, a headhunter usually looks for candidates from the whole market, also connects to people who do not have the intention to look for a new job. 
  • Thirdly, the placement firm usually works with a large number of companies at the same time, thus, the demand for candidates is high and they need applicants who can have broad skills to easily fill up many positions. For one placement agency, the quantity of candidates is more important. In contrast, a headhunter will seek candidates who can fit a specific position with specialized skill sets.
headhunter placement agency Navigos search Viet Nam

How do they help their clients? - Typically, a headhunter is an independent contractor or an employee of one executive search agency. They can be paid or get a commission from the employers and they can work for several companies at the same time. In addition, one headhunter can cover many fields, this ability can help them to find the candidates quicker and quicker and more efficiently. After finding a suitable candidate, a headhunter will pass the candidate’s resume to the recruiter for their decision whether to proceed with the next step or not. The time one headhunter spends to ensure the right person is put in the right position is usually taking longer. 

How to know which is the most suitable choice for business?

If you can remember all the above differences between a headhunter and a placement agency, then you can define which service is suitable for you. Of course, the cost is also an element to be considered.

headhunter placement agency Navigos Viet Nam

Besides, a clear expectation of the vacant position will help you to choose the correct service. If your vacancy must be an expert in specific fields, then a headhunter might be the best choice. Otherwise, you can choose a placement agency to find candidates for low-level positions.


In conclusion, a good understanding of each search firm or headhunter placement agency can give a higher chance of choosing the most qualified candidate. Proud to provide the best recruitment services and professional support for all business senior recruitment needs, Navigos Search services aim to help businesses in finding and retaining high-level employees. Before you choose any kind of services in Navigos Search Company, we always help you to understand clearly about the executive search process as well as how we can help you get the best senior candidates. So, please get in touch with us by filling your requirements in the contact form below. Our consultants will contact your businesses as soon as possible.

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