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Headhunter & Employment agency: The difference & Tips to choose the right one


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

Knowing about the headhunter employment agency helps businesses give the right decisions!

Recruitment is the process of screening, choosing, and nominating suitable candidates for vacant roles (either temporary or permanent) within a company. In the past, the human resource department and recruitment specialists were the ones who carried out the hiring process. However, commercial parties or specialist search consultancies are outsourced to take care of this process. At the end of the day, employment solutions main function is to find the candidates that tick all the boxes for a job opening that clients have asked to fill. 

The definition of headhunters and employment agency

What are headhunters?

A headhunter is an individual that provides employment hiring solutions. Headhunters are hired by enterprises to search for talent and to identify individuals who meet specific job needs. Headhunters are also known as an "executive consultant," and the work they conduct is often called "executive search." Headhunters usually have a pool of talents for specific positions or actively find talent by looking at competitors' employees. Employers tend to enlist a headhunter job agency when they are unable to find the right person to fill a role on their own. 

headhunter employment agency

What is an employment agency?

The headhunter employment agency helps job applicants in searching for available positions. Some companies charge the candidates, so be sure to confirm if there is a fee at first. Others are hired and paid by the clients. In most cases, it does not make sense to use a firm that charges job seekers.

The difference between a headhunter and an employment agency

A company decides to choose a headhunter job agency, there are some differences that they should understand clearly what each offers to the clients.

headhunter employment services

1. Candidates

Headhunters and recruitment agencies focus on different types of applicants. The objective of the HR solutions providers is to search for vacant roles for active applicants. On the other hand, a headhunter usually aggressively looks for potential candidates who are not actively seeking new jobs. They look for qualified candidates who could meet specific requirements for some roles.

2. Process

The process of screening and matching candidates with job vacancies are differently handled among headhunters in comparison with employment solutions.

For example, a recruitment firm typically places ads to find candidates and maintains an extensive candidate database from which to pull qualified candidates as opportunities arise. While headhunter job services work a bit differently. When headhunters receive a request from their clients for a specific role, they search the entire market (including people who are not currently looking for new opportunities) to find the best candidate at that moment in time.

3. Positions

Since hiring agencies typically work with several enterprises to fill their hiring needs, they often seek candidates with broad skills who are suitable for a variety of positions as requested.

However, headhunter job services usually search for candidates to fill very specific roles, they look for people with highly specialized skill sets.

4. Roles

As mentioned above, an employment agency works with multiple companies and usually needs to fill a large number of positions. Then they have enough tools and highly skilled members to adapt large workloads at the same time. Other than headhunters who just fulfill the special positions and take time to replace. Then they will need more time and just receive only the amount of work they can do.

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How to know which is the most suitable choice for business?

Knowing your demands and have knowledge about services that your business tend to outsource are some ways that help you choose the right third party.  

In case your business needs to find or replace a lot of entry-level employees, then partner with an employment company is a good idea. In this case, professional employment agency services can help companies to get suitable candidates in a short time.

headhunter job agency

But if your company needs to fulfill a manager position or senior one, consider outsourcing a headhunter. Headhunters will help you to search for the best candidate for a very specific role, and that perfect match is often not easy to find. 

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In conclusion, whatever companies choose, they must understand the headhunter employment services that a recruitment agency or headhunter will provide to them together with the fees before making the final decision.

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