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Get your biggest career move with recruitment consultants in Vietnam


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

almost 2 years ago

Catch your best career move with the recruitment consultants in Vietnam!

Finding a job on your own might be a difficult task in today’s competitive market. Lots of job applicants make a connection with recruitment consultants in Vietnam to enhance their chances to get a new job. A job consultant will check requirements between both sides and match job seekers and employers. The task of the hiring consultant is to pair up potential candidates with vacant roles. A candidate relies on their consultant to place roles to which they are fitted. Companies outsource their recruitment consultant for looking for the best talents that tick all the boxes as their requirements.

What overseas job consultancy in Vietnam advantage?

A job consultant’s responsibility is sometimes similar to a sales role, with appealing fees for excellent candidates. Recruitment consultancies or agencies provide recruitment services for small local businesses to national ones and even international companies. Many recruitment consultants in Vietnam focuses on some specific industries or fields, so they only hire similar posts for different clients. For example, one consultant might only provide services for clients in the IT sector.

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3 ways a job consultancy can help you to make the right career move

There are many abroad job consultancy that can bring the best consulting all over the world. The flat world concept is evidenced by the service being provided around the world without the presence of an individual representative. You can search and book and get consultation services online while you do not have to move to another place. Below are some of the ways in which job consultants can help a job seeker make the right career move

Advise career opportunities

One of the biggest advantages that recruitment consultants in Vietnam can bring to a job applicant is the useful advice they give on career chances. The job consultants check the experience, skills, qualification as well as requirements of the candidates and provide them with many career opportunities that their clients are filling. 

job consultancy in Vietnam

Train the candidates

Job consultancies are outsourced by a lot of companies to complete their recruitment needs. The consultants fish out the best individuals from the huge talent pool and train them necessary skills that ideal for the vacant positions. They groom the candidates, work on their skill sets, and even prepare them for the interview process to ensure that they are perfect for the role. By doing so, the job consultancies raise the possibility of the candidate getting the job.

Negotiate with clients

Other main pros that any overseas job consultancy in Vietnam can provide is quick negotiation. As the job consultancies have tie-ups with the client companies for which they are forwarding the candidature, it is easier for the job seekers to negotiate a better package. The job seekers do not have to directly negotiate with the recruiters or employers. They can talk about their requests and issues with their job consultants. After that, the job consultants will negotiate with clients on behalf of candidates. Thus, job consultancies help job seekers in getting better job packages.

How to choose the right consultants?

There are some tips that could help you choose the right job consultants.

1. How long has the consultant conducted a recruitment job?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a job consultant or overseas consultancy is the experience of the recruiters. The more experience they have, the more appealing the job they can offer for you. For example, by using a consultant, you can get your wished jobs at least a month, which is said to be faster than when you searching a job on your own, which usually takes 2 to 3 months.

2. Research them online.

Job consultants who have a strong career network would leave a lot of digital footprints. Which information in their LinkedIn is about? The clients that they are currently working for or even in the past?

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3. Who will be responsible for all of the hiring process?

In some recruitment agencies or overseas consultancy, there are both salesperson and recruiters and their responsibility are different. As a result, before deciding to choose any agencies, you should know who will represent your companies in the whole hiring process and inform you about the results.


Although job consultants or any Vietnam job agency have some minor downsides, the opportunities they provide are indisputable. Thus, job seekers could take benefit from them when deciding to move their next job.

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