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Best tips for working with executive recruiting firms in 2019


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

There is a significant misunderstanding about how senior executive positions are filled. Everyone knows that executive search consultants or headhunters are involved, but many candidates seeking for executive jobs have incorrect assumptions about the motivations of these senior-level recruiters. To understand more about executive recruitment Vietnam services that can help business at high level fulfill, let’s take a look at the article below.

1. About executive recruitment

Executive recruitment consultants are called headhunters because they are, literally, head hunters. They look for the best applicants and approach them directly through the executive search process. They work for their clients, the organizations with hiring needs, not the candidates. If a headhunter contacts someone, it’s because they are considering that person for a position with the client. They are not trying to find anyone a job. Moreover, this form of recruitment is typically known for its proactive approach and doesn’t solely rely on traditional methods of sourcing candidates. So, what exactly executive recruiting firms can help business with?

Moreover, this form of recruitment is typically known for its proactive approach and doesn’t solely rely on traditional methods of sourcing candidates. So, what exactly executive recruiting firms can help business with

2. What executive recruiting firms can help business with?

If companies attempt to find the top-tier candidates they need on their own, it could be quite difficult. That’s because, with as many job seekers as there are in the marketplace, those companies can quickly be bombarded with applications and resumes. As a result, it takes longer to find the potential candidates they want to interview and hire, and by the time they do find them, those candidates are typically no longer available. Needless to say, that’s a misuse of time, energy, and resources. On top of that, there’s the cost of keeping a position open for an inordinate amount of time, not to mention the cost of a bad hire. The cost may be especially expensive, depending on the role involved. Recruiting firms will help companies solve these problems by doing the whole hiring process at a reasonable price and quick response.

3. When should a business outsource an executive recruiting firm?

Companies should outsource the hiring process to an executive recruiting firm when the cost of doing it internally is greater than that of outsourcing. Of course, figuring out those costs is not always easy, and some can readily be missed. Below are a few factors to consider.

  • Companies want to reduce the salary of the in-house recruitment team. Thus, they could use executive hiring services to reduce unnecessary spending.
  • Opportunity costs - Outsourcing an executive recruiting firm help businesses to save cost by using their quickly recruiting process.
  • Improve the candidate’s qualities cost by quickly owning the best suitable employees for high-level positions. 

Of course, headhunters come with their own costs but those are typically easier to measure. Most search firms charge 20%-25% of the employee’s first-year salary so the enterprise could make comparisons with the internal cost.

4. Tips for working with executive recruiting firms for business in Vietnam

Outsourcing an executive search firm can help businesses save costs and focus on core activities. But for one who newly to partner with a third party in the recruitment industry, some tips for working with search firms below may help.

Tips for working with executive recruiting firms for business in Vietnam

  • Hiring a recruiting consultant who specializes in the enterprises’ field. Most recruiters specialize in specific job functions and industries. With an in-house employee who has enough knowledge and experience in the hiring industry will replace you working with a third party during the hiring process.
  • Companies need to figure out search firms that fit with their needs. Also with defining the requirements for open positions, included applicants’ background, skills, abilities, and experience. The more specific the needs are, the faster the headhunters could connect with potentials candidates in the talent pool. Give an exact deadline for search firms in filling vacant roles. Recruitment consultants will speed up the hiring process to meet the urgency of each position.

An HR Consulting firm can help businesses with leading solutions for finding talented and highly qualified human resources to hold key positions in the enterprise.

In Vietnam, Navigos Search is one of the professional and experienced in HR solutions providers. Navigos Search is a member of Navigos Group - one of the leading companies in Vietnam in providing human resources solutions.

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5. Conclusion

In conclusion, search firms help organizations in cutting recruiting costs or filling C-level positions faster. Outsourced recruitment enables enterprises, especially foreign investors to meet their recruiting needs without causing any business issues. Before outsourcing any executive recruitment Vietnam to fulfill their recruiting requests and even reduce turnover, don’t forget to ask for consultants from the well-known brand, such as Novigos Search.

For more information about the executive search, click here.

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