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Advantages of Using an Executive Search Agency


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

over 1 year ago

Nowadays, the habit of both candidates and employers is changing, they tend to use executive search agency instead of hiring or applying for the job on their own. This trend is thanks to a lot of advantages that executive search firms can bring to the labor market.

Executive Search Introduction

A global executive search is an organization specialized in recruitment service, it will be paid by the employers who have the demand to seek and recruit qualified candidates while an executive search agency can also be called a headhunter.

Just like the name, the headhunter will seek the list of candidates from multiple channels such as websites, third-party organizations… Then they have to identify the shortlist of suitably qualified candidates based on customer requirements.

Global executive search

The executive search firm may connect directly to the candidate to see if they are interested in the opening position. Negotiation for the recruitment package and hiring contract preparation may also be carried out by a global executive search agency. The recent trend of the market is to increasingly use a global executive search agency for a higher-level position. 

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What an executive search agency can help business?

There are many reasons for businesses outsourcing a global executive search agency. But you can find out your right one by these advantages of using their services as below.

  • The first advantage that an executive search agency can help business is their expertise:

Every global executive search firm has its owns professional skills to seek talents from multiple channels. They also screen these candidates to make sure that employers can connect with the most suitable employee. The most qualified one can bring more and more benefits and have a greater impact on the company. Of course, when passing the task of attracting and recruiting to an executive search firm, the employer can have more time to focus on other company strategies such as building connections among departments. 

  • The second is, with the specialization, an executive search agency also can save money for business and limit the risk of hiring the wrong candidates. 

The cost of choosing the wrong people is much higher because it may interfere with the operation after joining the team and it also increases the turnover rate. 

  • Last but not least, they help you get the right talent in the right times

Sometimes the real talent may not aware of the opportunities, a global executive search agency will help to approach these talents proactively and persuade them to consider. As a result, the talent pool is much bigger, giving the employers more options.

executive search business

The importance of executive search firms in the HR industry 

With the high demand from the market, the role of executive search firms is not only filling people to one position, but it’s also focusing on aligning the talent with the company’s strategy. A good strategy alignment can ensure a longer relationship.

executive search firms in Vietnam

Executive search firms also provide a higher level of market intelligence. Talent management is only effective when put it into the market context. Besides, an executive search agency now can act as a consultant and a long-term partner to the recruiter. Executive search firms can understand the need and the expectation of the business partners.

High advantages your business can get when working with executive search firms in Vietnam

When the demand for qualified candidates in high-level positions is increasing, the role of executive search firms is getting more and more important. The business can get a lot of benefits with support from a global executive search agency. Besides the advantages of saving time and cost as mentioned in the previous part, executive search firms can attract more candidates when your business brand is not strong enough. The search agency is the expert on approaching and persuading candidates to be open to a new opportunity. 

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Final words

Last but not least, a good executive search firm can gain belief from the candidates and its profession sometimes can make them be persuaded to join the recruitment process.

It can be foreseen that the higher requirement of customers can be the challenge for all executive search firms in Vietnam, however, it is also a room for them to further develop.

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