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5 Hard Truths About Headhunter Agency in Vietnam


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

10 months ago

Headhunter agency Vietnam and things that everyone might not know in real.

Headhunter agencies are the third party who is hired by a business or organization to find, replace, and introduce suitable candidates for their job vacancies. The headhunters’ recruitment services’ roles are to ensure the candidates have the correct skills and knowledge and maybe fit with the business environment. To know exactly what does it mean and how to get the best services from this kind of service, please check these secret things reveal by Navigos Search research.

Headhunter Agency Definition

Headhunter agency meaning the party that seeks out for high-flying candidates for a position that needs to be filled in companies. In other words, according to the specialized dictionary about headhunter agency definition, a headhunter firm provides the recruitment service in which clients approach them when they need to fill any specific hiring. Then they will, by all means, bring out the talents who can meet those positions’ requirements.

Headhunter agency

What benefits headhunter agencies can bring to their customers?

People might wonder why they need to use headhunters recruitment services while the companies already have their human resource department. Usually, it is because their human resource department doesn’t have the employment research function. Furthermore, they might not have enough skills or professional networks to serve the recruitment target. Therefore, they will need to search for an external party who can help them with much better solutions.

headhunter agency definition

There are many benefits headhunter agencies can bring to their customers:

  • Compared to investing time and money in building up their recruitment department then look for the candidates on their own, using a headhunter firm will certainly be much more cost-effective for companies.
  • Headhunter agencies have a very good knowledge of the market and professional recruitment skills, so they will be able to find out the suitable candidate faster, and of course, with higher quality.
  • Their main business is recruitment service, thus they know how important it is to focus on their business. They aim to serve the clients the best and extend their brand.

5 hard truths about a headhunter agency Vietnam

The headhunters’ recruitment process helps businesses find quality candidates to full fill job vacancies for companies. But if you want to know clearly about a headhunter agency Vietnam, these are some valuable information:

1. Candidates

Headhunter agencies usually focus on candidates that are not actively looking for a new job. In many cases, they try to persuade the candidate to leave their current job by offering him/her another job with a higher role or salary.

Recruiting in modern life was different from the day before. Many businesses tend to outsource the executive search. This third party sometimes find and connect with the talented candidates before. Then whenever clients have demands, they try to contact them directly to see whether they can be persuaded to apply for a position and negotiate the salary they’re willing to accept. 

For example, to hire a marketing manager, a headhunter search firm can scan career websites that marketer might visit, find the user information by cookies and then identify who they are, and then examine their curricula vitae.

2. Process

When receiving an order to fill in a specific position, the headhunter will search in the whole market to find the best candidate, even including people who are currently not seeking new jobs.

They start with a thorough analysis of the roles and then use their contact dialogue to find suitable profiles. The headhunter’s process is the combination of pure headhunting, CV bank, Network, and Advertising. 

headhunter agency Vietnam

3. They offer for high level and specific positions 

As mentioned, the positions ordered to headhunter are usually very specific and have a lot of requirements. So it’s usually requested that the candidate should have highly specialized skills or knowledge.

As we introduced above about headhunter, they work for their client’s need to fulfill the important or hard to find candidates“ positions. Then their “stool pigeon” will be one who has the high experience and in a high-level position in that industry.

4. Roles

Since the positions are hard to fill, each headhunter usually receives only a small amount of roles at one time to ensure their results.

The reason is headhunters usually work for many clients from various specialized roles, including executive roles and senior, C-level positions, and of course that these job positions are very hard to fill. That’s why they usually fill a small number of roles at a time.

5. Time

As a result of the above 4 points, it usually takes headhunters a very long time to find out the best candidate and also to make sure they identify the correct one.

The reason is similar to the above. Headhunters need to adapt different needs from various companies for special roles and fields. This process takes time for each position, then they common spend a small amount of time with each position and candidate and move on to the next.


Headhunting recruitment service is becoming more and more popular and taking a significant role in the employment market. Nowadays, there are more and more headhunter companies built up which are not only within any specific country but also international. If you intend to use or even work for any headhunter company, remember to take these 5 hard truths into your account. In the end, we hope you can get the necessary information about headhunter agency meaning and how to describe headhunter agency definition whenever you meet it in your life. In case you need more support from headhunter agency Vietnam, please contact Navigos Search firm. 

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