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5 easy steps to catch the best headhunter in your niche


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

In brief, headhunting is a practice of searching on available online job markets the potential candidates for a specific working vacancy, most often an executive position, and convincing them to engage in the recruiting process. The most often required a set of particular skills, extensive knowledge, or experiences that cannot be generally found in a common workforce. It does not relevant to those of sorting out the likely possible nominees from the recruiting lists, the ranking and categorizing progression is time-consuming and is done by professionals. 

Summary of headhunting firms

What is headhunting in recruitment?

A headhunting company Viet Nam provides experts in exploring these skilled, high-educated labors. When the company corporates with one and another, they are forming headhunting firms. Headhunting firms gave the companies the chance to rise and develop globally, through which they can outsource services from a variety of places and markets, screening the optimal applicants for the leading sectors.

global headhunters

Roles of headhunting firms with businesses

In general, headhunting firms play in the role of the third party in the recruiting process. They work with both employers and employees. At the same time of benefiting the organizations for hunting their qualified chief executive, the firms also gather themselves a huge board of high standard nominees that can be promoted. Differently, the firms’ services are multi-direction and multi-targets. However, there are some things that job seekers should know before using them for employing or getting a job.

what is a headhunter job

Firstly, global headhunters are not candidates’ talent agents. This is probably the most common misunderstanding people have. They think they can completely rely on employment consultants and then just relax until he or she comes back with a perfect vacant position. But it is not the way headhunters work. Recruiting agencies usually represent the enterprises conducting the hiring process. Headhunter’s job is to seek qualified candidates and introduce them to the person at an organization who has engaged their services. When they find a great match, the person’s hired and the recruiter earns a commission (typically 15 to 30% of the candidate’s first year’s salary).

In addition, headhunters usually search for a partnership with good candidates. If an applicant is a good fit for that agency’s client base, employment consultants will get paid after completing the hiring process. If not, they will keep in touch with that candidate for a future position.

5 steps to find a headhunting firm in your niche

Without a doubt, building a good relationship with the headhunter will increase your chances of landing a suitable position in your area of expertise. Below are some tips on finding the best job headhunter in your niche.

what is headhunting in recruitment

1. Identify and connect in the right network

A lot of people may have worked with job recruiters at some point to either help them find a job or recruit the right person for their company. So, don’t hesitate to ask the most experienced individuals in your network so they can refer you to the best job headhunter that they know.

So, to make the next step in a career path, do not forget to connect with another executive in your industry. Especially with the manager and HR executive through online platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

2. Get noticed by the potential HR recruiters and executive search firm

Once you have come up with the list of niche recruiters, the next thing you have to do is to try to connect with them.

There are many different ways to connect and get noticed. The easiest way is by Linkedin activities and updated. As we have known, Linkedin is a platform just like another social network that focuses on professional networking and career development. For that reason, you can use LinkedIn to upload your resume, post and search for jobs, and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with other people.

Another platform is Twitter. Although it more relevant to politics but you can also connect ưith popular and high level via this platform.

3. Scan the internet and make use of other resources

LinkedIn is a recommended resource since it carries thousands of job recruiter profiles with most of them specializing in a particular niche.

There are so many resources about job advice as well as the profiles of headhunters in each industry. Thank to the development of the internet and technologies, candidates can use them to connect with the professional manager in their industry in a short time.

4. Check out message boards for niche referrals

You are suggested to visit career-networking websites as you can look for recruiter referrals as hosted by the industry, alma mater, or professional organization they belong to.

Following and joining in the job fair program or bachelor meeting from your old school can help you to meet the right industry leader. Do not forget to connect and keep in touch with them in case they can help you to get a better job in the future 

5. Take time to read the news

Also, you should read about any news that talks about executive changes as they are also likely to include some details about the recruitment company are finding replacements.

When conditions change, you have got to change. By the way, it can be very different your job looks like in the future from every organization, especially when you have done a particular type of work for many years. That why you need to keep the new and adapting to changed conditions. You will not only feel competent in doing your task but also have acquired a network of connections that you can you for supporting you in the future.


In conclusion, global headhunters support both employers and employees in conducting a fast hiring process. However, each side needs to understand clearly how headhunting firms to get the best results.

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