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Top Reasons Why Employer Branding is Important for business


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

12 months ago

Employer Brand is the characteristics of the business. To get and increase the reputation for companies, many owners choose to use employer branding services. These services may be strange for entrepreneurs in Vietnam, so let’s find out about this topic with Navigos Executive Search in today’s article.

1. Overview of employer branding

What are employer brand and employer branding services?

An employer brand is a business reputation as a place to work, as well as their employees' perception of businesses as an employer. In other words, employer branding is how you market your business to job seekers, as well as internal employees. The better businesses are at employer branding, the more likely they are to attract top talent candidates. Moreover, a positive employer brand can also help you retain top talent.

In otherwise, the Employer Branding service is designed and delivered by high level or senior recruitment marketing specialists or Employment Firms. Employer Branding service is the best solution for businesses that are looking for a way to attract and retain the top talent for their current and future vacancies.

Why Employer Branding Is Important?

Employer Branding can help to differentiate business as an employer of choice, reducing their recruitment costs in the long term by effectively articulating business unique brand message to both candidates and employees one. These services also share who you are, what you stand for, the business’s ethos, and the benefits of being a part of your organization.

2. What employer branding services usually included?

Strong, strategic employer branding allows businesses for flexibility to target key employee groups. Employer brand can also make organization easier to attract quality candidates and build talent pools.

Businesses of all maturity levels can benefit from extraordinary employer branding services. In general, employer branding services usually include these following mention as below:

  • Employer brand strategy

  • Employer value proposition and messaging

  • Brand identity and design

  • Content programs and development

  • Social media strategy and management

  • Community engagement campaigns

  • Custom career site development

  • PR strategy for employer brand

  • Brand ambassador programs

  • Glassdoor strategy and management

  • Trade show management and support

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3. Benefits of using employer branding services

Your employer brand refers to the perceptions that current and potential employees hold about your organization. Using the right employer branding services can help to increase your organization’s values, personality, and reputation as well as bring business to stand out against the competition and to appeal to top talent in the marketplace. Employer branding services have become an important topic so far in the world of recruitment and talent acquisition, but what are the benefits? Let’s see them clearly as the below:

3.1. Reduce cost per hire

Employer branding is the best solution for businesses looking for the ultimate Cost Per Hire (CPH). A strong employer brand promotes a business's great work environment, which encourages current employees to refer your organization to other professionals. 

3.2. Create a better talent pool

Another important benefit of using an employer branding service is an improvement in your talent pool from which to fill vacancies. As you grow up and sharpen your business reputation as an excellent place to work, you will attract excellent talented candidates.

3.3. Have more time for recruitment

Talent pools enhance the hiring process because they reduce the time it takes businesses to fill a vacancy. Talent acquisition teams can build and maintain business talent pools, screening, and qualifying the candidates long before you need them. 

3.4. Engage employer

Your employer brand strategies should show a great working environment, clear career evolution, personal growth, and consistent motivation that your organization offers your current employees. That’s the main reason that makes the employees more engaged with your organization.

3.5. Lower employee turnover

The benefits of employer branding are all closely connected, and they all play a crucial role in finding, attracting, and retaining top talent. The benefits of low staff turnover that employer branding means that candidates will spend less on advertising, recruiting, and training new staff.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, employer branding services help to market their companies to attract and retain talented employees. Employer branding can be done by businesses or outsourcing an agency. In general, finding senior employees is not an easy task, and employer branding services sometimes not help. In case your business needs to find talented employees at a high level, Navigos Search always offers the best solution for Executive Search services in Vietnam. Contact us now for any recruitment solutions.

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