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HR executive search, the key to an organization’s growth and progress


Posted by Iris Data Driven Agency

about 1 year ago

HR executive search services refer to finding and selecting individuals for senior positions. In some cases, these solutions are also known as headhunting. Although nowadays the term headhunting often refers to any highly targeted recruitment campaign to attract talented candidates positions, regardless of the role's seniority. Let's find out more about executive recruiters for human resources and what HR Search Firms usually do in the article below.

1. The meaning of HR Executive and HR Search

What is HR Executive?

HR executive's work involves recruitment activities, plans to implement appropriate policies to maintain employees for the company as well as planning and developing the capacity of individuals and departments so they can get the job done most efficiently. Their roles also included finding the best talent to work for business and make sure that new and existing workers are satisfied with their positions.

The organization that does not have a strong HR department is easily faced with numerous troubles in daily business activities. So outsourcing HR Advisory services is an effective way to helps the organization recruiting a talented pool while having more time focus on their strength.

For example, in Vietnam, Navigos Group, the leading company in Vietnam’s recruitment industry, operator of the biggest job portal VietnamWorks and Navigos Search, also helps businesses with HR executive search services including retained and contingency search. 

For more information about the HR Executive, you can find out more about the HR services

What is the meaning of the HR Executive Search Firm?

Navigos Search Vietnam helps companies by providing human resource selection solutions. Operating as an Executive Search Firm, we help businesses to find, evaluate and recruit and manage human resources as well as finding the most suitable candidate for a senior position and ensure the candidates meet businesses’ requirements.

What do HR search firms do?

HR Search agencies help companies in human resource consulting and providing best-talented candidates for senior and high-level positions. Many businesses use human resource selection companies to find candidates that may not be immediately identifiable in the market and, essentially, avoid the cost of recruiting bad leaders.

2. Why do businesses must take a partner with them?

The business decides to use a human resources firm as they don't have the internal resources, network, or perhaps even evaluative skills to recruit by themselves. Some companies may even use them to recruit from competitors indirectly, allowing them to find candidates they might not have been able to find otherwise.

If you want to use an executive search for your company’s employment, it was recommended to use an executive search company that has experience placing candidates in positions similar to your open position. In case you are a high-level job seeker and looking to make a move make sure to look for a firm that places people in your industry. Let them know you are looking to make a move.

3. Things to know when using HR search firms

How they help the business to find top-level talent?

HR firms utilize a range of personal contacts as well as their in-depth knowledge of their industry to find suitable candidates for businesses. They convey individual interviews and then selectively present candidates to their clients. Executive search firms also help businesses draft accurate and enticing job descriptions to draw in a pool of fitted applicants.

Types of Executive Search Firms

The relationship between a business and an HR executive search firm can be either contingent or retained. Contingent search companies are paid upon the successful completion of a "search" and retained ones are paid for the process of it. See how to pick a great executive search firm here.

4. Conclusion

Finding the right senior candidates is one of the important things that can help your company become a powerful player in your market. In Navigos Search, we help businesses with HR and recruitment professionals services that help to attract and improve your business’s talent pool with rights candidates. For further more services’ information or meet our recruitment consulting team leader, please get in touch with Navigos by filling the contact form below, we are here for your growing business.

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