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Posted by Uyen Nha Huynh Duc

about 1 year ago

Ho Chi Minh City, October 21, 2019 - VietnamWorks, Vietnam's largest online recruitment website, belongs to Navigos Group, has released The report on "Online recruitment market report on Manufacturing sector in Vietnam in 2019”. The statistics in the report are analyzed based on applications submitted at VietnamWorks from 2014 to the present and combined with a survey of over 750 job seekers in the Manufacturing sector.

Jobs with high recruitment demand also have fierce competition rates

According to statistics, the top 3 with the most recruiting needs in the first half of 2019 in the Manufacturing sector are Production/Process; Mechanical; Electric/Electronics. This is also the top 3 in the number of applications for 2019, means the highest rate of competition for these jobs.

By location, the top 5 provinces and cities with the highest recruitment demand are Ho Chi Minh; Hanoi; Binh Duong; Dong Nai; Hai Duong. This is also the top 5 places with high competitive rates due to the highest number of applications, but the order in the top 5 list has changed as follows: Hanoi holds the first position, then respectively: Ho Chi Minh; Binh Duong; Dong Nai; Hai Duong

Ha Nam experienced sharp growth in both labor supply and demand

In terms of the growth rate of both recruitment demand and labor supply in the last 5 years, Ha Nam has reached the highest growth rate among others, with recruitment demand increasing by 421%, and labor supply increased by 615%, compared to the first half of 2014 and the first half of 2019.

The labor supply has not changed although the recruitment demand for Textile/Footwear is showing signs of decline

Textile/Footwear shows signs of cooling off in recruitment demand when it is at the last top 10 growth rates list in the past 5 years with 63%. However, the growth rate of the labor supply of this industry ranked 3rd with a growth rate in the past 5 years to 209%, compared between H1/2014 with H1/2019.

In addition, the group of candidates in Textile/Footwear is also the group that is intending to change jobs in the coming time, accounting for 81% of the respondents. With the growth rate in recruitment demand is not as sudden as other industries, the ability to find the right job will be less favorable for this candidate group.

75% of candidates in the Manufacturing industry intend to change job, especially Director level and above

When asked about the intention to switch jobs in the next 6 months, up to 75% of candidates in the manufacturing sector surveyed said they intend to change jobs by the end of 2019. This number opens up opportunities for Manufacturing businesses by the end of 2019 in finding and attracting talent.

Also according to this survey, the higher the level the more they intend to switch jobs. The survey shows 83% of the Directors or higher level said they will switch jobs in late 2019, while 76% of the Team Leader/Manager level expressed the same opinion.

Generation X (born in 1965 - 1980) in Manufacturing industry restarted their job search after 5 years with the current company

Experienced candidates, aged 40 and over, are expected to have the highest demand for jobs by the end of 2019. Up to 84% of them said their intention to switch jobs, higher than with generation Y (born in 1981 - 1995) accounted for 74%, and generation Z (born in 1996 and later) accounted for 69%

Further analysis of Gen X generation intention to switch jobs, 57% have worked at the company for 5 years or more, 76% are holding the managerial rank or higher.

Regarding the number of years working at the company, candidates with longer years experiences intend to switch jobs more. Accordingly, up to 81% of the candidate group "working at the company for 3-5 years" and the group "working at the company from 5 years or more" intending to change jobs.

"Compensation and Benefit" is not consistent with the expectations of the Manufacturing candidate

When asked about the reasons for changing jobs, the top 3 reasons are respectively: Expecting to have a higher salary; Looking forward to a better welfare policy; Desire for a higher position

When surveying about "solutions to retain talent", "Competitive salary" continues to top the list of solutions that candidates think will be effective, followed by respectively: Professional working environment; Opportunities for promotion and long-term commitment.

VietnamWorks is a popular job search channel for Manufacturing

Up to 80% of candidates in Manufacturing chose VietnamWorks as the most popular job search channel by the end of 2019. Followed by the "Friend referral” channel accounted for 35%; LinkedIn employment social network accounts for 33%; Other online job search sites account for 30%; The company's social network accounts for 18%.

(Conducted by Vietnamworks)