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THE CHOSEN ONE: Finding the right missing piece for a business


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

over 1 year ago

The second season of the first reality recruitment show in Vietnam – “The chosen one” – has officially come on air in October 2018, aiming at connecting reputable employers with qualified candidates. We have had the chance to talk with the “powerful” female trio behind this exciting reality show. 

Let us meet Ms. Le Thuy – Journalist, Producer at the Department of Youth at VTV6, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai – Managing Director at Navigos Search and Ms. Do Thuy Duong – General Director of TalentPool.

Hi everyone. People are talking about how interesting and educating the reality show “The chosen one” is. What are the show’s main attractions?

Ms. Le Thuy: Finding the right career for a candidate and finding the right talent for a company is always a difficult problem. As the process of job application and interview is a refreshing topic never before done on television in Vietnam, we decided to launch this “The chosen one” show in order to “widely open the interview room’s doors”. I believe this is the show’s main selling point as interview is the most important round in a recruitment process. Many new students and graduates do not have the opportunity to personally experience that. VTV6 is a channel designed for young people, therefore we plan to produce a variety of programs on topics that they care about, especially in this digital age. “The chosen one” offers young job seekers a realistic understanding of the interview round with common yet unexpected questions and situations. We hope that this will somehow help young people best prepare for the search of their dream jobs.

Journalist Le Thuy

As an independent recruitment consultant in the Interview committee, do you think that the quality of candidates meets the current market’s requirements?

Ms. Phuong Mai: In general, during recruitment, successful candidates often have some common traits such as intelligence and passion for the job, creativity, tenacity and studious. A solid educational background coupled with the right attitude will persuade even the toughest interviewers. I’m extremely happy to see “The chosen one” participants demonstrate all these qualities to a certain extent. Most of them impress us with their youth, vigor, strong technical knowledge as well as necessary soft skills.

However, I still see a lack of preparation for the recruitment process, causing candidates to fail to answer interviewers calmly. This is quite common among young applicants. Their greatest strengths are confidence and courage, as not many are able to present themselves and accept the possibility of failure in front of the camera. If they had just done more research on the job they’re applying for, on those who were successful in that area to find out trade secrets, they would have been able to win over the show’s interviewers. Maybe then we would have a much harder time deciding! (laughs)

Navigos Search’s Managing Director, Nguyen Phuong Mai

Having come back for another season, what do you think about this year’s show?

Ms. Thuy Duong: I return to “The chosen one” hoping to help these young people plan a clear career path via understanding their individual values, but, surprisingly, I was the one who learned the most. I was amazed by their passion, sincerity and brightness. I had the chance to meet young mechanical engineers who are day by day making a mark for Vietnam’s automation industry on the world’s map. The greatest gift of all must be having met Hoang Yen – a candidate for the position of Digital Marketing at Navigos Group. She was well aware of her own values and willing to give up a high-paying job to uphold those values. Not many have the courage to do that, especially young people.

What were your most interesting memories of the show?

Ms. Le Thuy: After each episode, I was always impressed by the candidates’ confidence while standing in front of a tough recruitment committee. That image really is representative of today’s youths.

Ms. Thuy Duong: By playing two different roles in the second season, I have had a lot of valuable experiences and lessons. While a consultant only needs to focus on that role, as a “moderator” this time, I must make it so that everyone stands out equally.

Ms. Phuong Mai: I went through many different emotions with “The chosen one”. It was “awkward” when I had to evaluate a candidate while posing for the camera (laughs), it was fun when candidates gave unexpected and creative answers to our questions, it was nerve-wracking trying to choose between a green and white card.

General Director of TalentPool, Do Thuy Duong

However, what impressed me most was the enthusiasm of backstage staff. Everyone was so full of energy, creative, attentive and professional. We are here to help employers find the most suitable candidates while providing viewers with practical insights and success tips for job application. That’s what I enjoy most about this show.

The second season of “The chosen one” is a partnership between VTV6’s Department of Youth and Navigos Group – Vietnam’s leading recruitment consultancy who owns the online recruitment website VietnamWorks the mid and high-level headhunting agency Navigos Search. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai – Chief Executive Officer of Navigos Search – is Navigos Group’s representative at the show as an independent recruitment consultant.

The show is broadcast at 21:30 every Monday on VTV6, re-run at 16:30 every Friday on VTV1.

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