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Recruiting top-level personnel: Right move, right stop to secure winning


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

over 1 year ago

This time of year, many companies are almost finished with their business plan for the New Year, or even longer-term strategy, from five to ten years. It is certain that human resource management, especially high-level personnel, plays a key role on the company’s strategic roadmap.

Constructive dialogue towards a synchronized system

While Mergers and Acquisition (known as M&A) has become a growing trend in recent years, not every “marriage” of the kind turns out successful, and the adjustments to human resources, particularly top-level personnel, has been a complicated post-M&A issue.

Navigos Search has recently received the brief from many international corporations holding major shares in Vietnamese companies to recruit reputable Vietnamese leaders in the same industry or cross industry, who can take over key roles and bring about innovations in their companies.

Ms. Phuong Mai Nguyen, CEO of Navigos Search, a leading provider of executive search services in Vietnam.

In order to assist CEO candidates in their discussions and debates of management-related issues (e.g. the achievement of objectives, business plans, policies, employee benefits, salary budget, welfares, etc.) with the Board of Directors, Navigos Search provides support to candidates in understanding their authority, as stipulated by the company charter, and negotiating the terms of agreement with the Board of Directors.

In Vietnam, the fact that the execution of direct orders from a superior takes precedence over the established procedures, contracts and business principles remains common. Navigos Search is dedicated to helping candidates overcome differences and quickly adapt in the new working environment, where proactiveness, integrity and the quality of performance are valued alongside the superior-subordinate relationship.

English remains a challenge

One of Navigos Search’s customer, a multinational company planning to strongly invest in Vietnam starting from 2018, was providing training for a Vietnamese manager to replace a top-level foreign manager within the year. However, upon the completion of the training program, the Vietnamese manager was deemed unqualified. Primary reasons include the lack of foreign language proficiency and leadership skills.

“In the context of an increasingly competitive business environment, where quick and accurate decision making is the key, incompetence in foreign languages (in this case, English) proves a major barrier for mid-level and top-level Vietnamese managers”, remarked a leader of the above mentioned multinational company.

When internal training fails to achieve its objectives, the company looked for assistance from an executive search agency like Navigos Search. In this case, Navigos Search provided the much-needed alternatives. Upon learning the customer’s greatest concerns were English proficiency and leadership skills, Navigos Search gave these criteria top priority, along with expertise.

If a desirable candidate has not been identified at this point, Navigos Search will propose to extend the search to “Viet Kieu” - oversea Vietnamese candidate, who possess proficiency in both English and Vietnamese language. In fact, in recent years, many Thai candidates are fluent in both English and Vietnamese. Therefore, consultation services aim to provide an extensive range of alternatives, while ensuring other requirements set by the customers are met.

Internal training for personnel to take top priority

Apart from providing short-term human resources management solutions, an HR consultant agency also identify shortcomings in the company’s processes, and how they could be improved.

Working with the afore-mentioned multinational company customer, Navigos Search further discussed and proposed long-term solutions regarding internal training of personnel, including technical knowledge and vital management skills such as Mentoring or Coaching. This is a key aspect in our solutions to develop a high-quality workforce.

“Body language” analysis – a crucial aspect of the recruitment process

Direct interview conducted by the company plays a fundamental role in the recruitment process. Face-to-face interaction allows interviewers to observe the candidate’s body language, therefore giving a more comprehensive assessment of the interviewee, apart from answers to questions.

Navigos Search’s system to collect customer feedback has profound significance to its operations. The system allows consulting units to receive feedbacks from both customers and candidates on their quality of service, or candidates’ feedback on companies, and vice versa. Such feedback acts as a helpful guideline for reaching a better understanding of their customers, thus improving their quality of service.

Mai Phuong Nguyen, (Adapted from Tin Nhanh Chứng Khoán)

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