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Job seekers should know these 2018 recruitment trends


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

over 1 year ago

Retail fashion, information technology and electronics are fast-growing industries with strong labor demand in 2018.

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai – Managing Director of Navigos Search, a mid and high-level headhunting agency of Navigos Group Vietnam – commented on the trends of the labor market as well as what job seekers should know about 2018.

According to Navigos Search’s representative, the mid and high-level human resource market in 2018 by segment will show the following trends:

In fashion, the 2017 labor market saw strong movements due to the entry of many foreign brands into Vietnam. Many employees at local companies decided to move to these new brands.

Besides, local fashion brands started to emulate foreign brands’ operational structure by adding new positions such as visual merchandise, designer, brand manager...

"We believe that, in 2018, the retail fashion industry will escalate recruitment in order to cope with fierce competition ", said Ms. Phuong Mai.

In the animal feed industry, the year 2017 marked a downturn for the animal feed and medicine segments in Vietnam.

The reason is prices plummeted to only a quarter starting from end of 2016, and regained slightly at year end, staying at approximately half of the price at the peak period of 2015-2016.

However, animal feed is still a high-margin industry and is expected to attract new Vietnamese companies to join in the near future.

Therefore, Ms. Mai believes that there will be a slight improvement in 2018 but not enough to regain the previous peak. The labor force will show more movements but still lacks highly skilled and foreign-language-speaking workers.

In the information technology industry, Ms. Mai expects continued growth and strong labor demand, coming from new technologies such as AI, cloud computing, block chain…

In real estates, at the moment, the eastern part of HCMC is heating up with several new projects, leading to strong demand for sales staff for both developers and trading centers. Therefore, in 2018, the industry is expected to offer a lot of vacancies in both engineering and sales.

In electronics, in 2018, industrial zones in the North will be expanded to meet the needs of electronic factories and overall economic growth. In addition, some specific projects are expected to require a bigger workforce, such as automation, software development, laser engineering…

Also in 2018, Japanese manufacturing enterprises in the North will continue to recruit mid and high-level managers due to new industrial zones and big investments from Japan. In the South, labor demand in information technology is also expected to grow.

However, Ms. Phuong Mai also noted that the 2018 labor market will be “stricter”. Companies will focus more on quality than quantity of candidates.

"Employers require candidates to have not only technical skills but also soft skills for the job ", she said.

Moreover, businesses are also willing to pay more for short-term employment while still developing a long-term human resource strategy at the same time.

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