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[RECRUITMENT] Top ICT jobs in Ho Chi Minh for your Technology career


Posted by Ngoc Thuy Nguyen

almost 2 years ago

Information Technology professionals are the pioneers of that generation of endless mobility. And VietnamWorks TECH EXPO - The Generation of Mobility is the meeting point for all of these talents, who are always eager to learn new things and ready to find the best jobs to fuel personal improvement and the development of the whole world.

As the technology job market is growing rapidly, IT is a growing industry in Vietnam which is promoting the development of Industry 4.0. Moreover, our clients are open many positions for potential candidates in this industry. Navigos Search has joined the Tech Expo 2019 to introduce more available opportunities to IT candidates for applicaiton.

Let's first take a look at our job lists to discuss with our Consultants about your career in Technology!
No. Job name Link
1 Bridge Project Manager (BSE)
2 Business Analyst
3 IT Engineer working in Japan
4 Java Project Manager
5 PHP Project Manager
6 Programmer Analyst II
7 Project Engineer
8 Senior Back-end
9 Senior Front-End
10 Senior React Native
11 Android Developer
12 Bridge Software Engineer & Project Management
13 DevOps Engineer
14 FullStack Developer
15 Nodejs Backend Developers
16 Principal Software Engineer - MS
17 Principal Software Engineer - PHP
18 Senior Data Engineer
19 Software Quality Engineer