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Job seekers salary report in Vietnam in 2019 (conducted by Vietnamworks)


Posted by Thinh Nguyen

almost 2 years ago

-Ho Chi Minh City, March 18, 2019 - VietnamWorks, the largest online recruitment website in Vietnam, belongs to Navigos Group, recently released "Jobseeker salary report in Vietnam in 2019". The survey is conducted among nearly 5,500 job seekers in January 2019 in VietnamWorks database, including all levels and professions.

1. Jobseeker's Salary - Benchmark Overview

25% of Managers in Finance/Investment sector receive a salary of at least VND 70.000.000 VND

According to statistics, the top 5 industries with the highest popular salary range are Finance/ Investment; Banking; Information Technology; Marketing; Civil/Construction.

Particularly in the Finance/Investment sector, 25% of managers are receiving a salary of VND 70,000,000 or more. From Vietnam salary benchmark, the minimum wage of this sector for the positions are: Entry level: VND 5,000,000; Experienced staff: VND 7,175,000; Leader/Supervisor: VND 12,500,000; Manager: VND 25,000,000. The median salary guide that this group received for positions in turn is: Entry level: VND 6,000,000; Experienced staff: VND 11,250,000; Leader/Supervisor: VND 16,000,000; Manager: VND 35,000,000.

Managers in Finance

Navigos Search salary guide 2019 for Finance jobs


The entry-level staff of Civil/Construction industry has a higher average salary than other industries

Compared to other industries, the construction industry has a higher salary for new graduates. The median salary in this sector for a fresh graduate is about VND 7,500,000. Up to a quarter of the candidates said they were paid from VND 10,000,000.

vietnam salary guide compare with other ASEAN countries

The Vietnam salary guide compare with other ASEAN countries


Information technology sector pays highest for the experienced staff compare to other sectors

Accordingly, the median salary for experienced candidates is about VND 15,600,000. Especially, 25% of this group of candidates receiving at least VND 20,000,000.

Administrative/Clerical has the lowest maximum salary

According to statistics, the top 5 professions with the lowest maximum salary are Administrative/Clerical; Mechanical; Customer service; Accounting; Sales, respectively.

Specifically for Administrative/Clerical, the average salary for an experienced position is VND 8,000,000, for Manager is about VND 15,000,000. VND 20,000,000 is recorded as the maximum number in the popular salary range.

Ho Chi Minh City has the highest salary for most positions

According to statistics, Ho Chi Minh City candidates are receiving higher salaries than other cities in most positions. Accordingly, the median salary for experienced positions is VND 10,000,000; for Manager is VND 25,000,000. In the popular salary range, the maximum number is recorded at VND 36,500,000.

Average Salary in Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh 2019

From Vietnam salary guide in Ho Chi Minh 2019

Hanoi comes after Ho Chi Minh city as the second, with the median salary for experienced positions is VND 10,000,000, for the Manager position is about VND 22,000,000. In the popular salary range, the maximum number is recorded at VND 30,000,000.

Navigos search salary trend in Hanoi 2019

2. The importance of salary in attracting and retaining talent

1/3 candidates will not continue to apply when salary is hidden in job postings

Most candidates, at any job level, want to know the salary information. However, only around 1/3 of the posts show adequate salary information. And around 2/3 of the remaining job posts probably provide adequate information about salary in the next rounds of the application process.

Noticeable, most jobseekers, about 70%, still apply for jobs even when they cannot find the salary information in the job posts. However, this also reduces the loss of nearly one-third of potential candidates before the next round of recruitment.

80% of employees will react if they don't get a raise in the next 6 months

The survey showed that if the salary does not meet the expectations of the employees, there are nearly 80% of employees will have some certain reactions, of which 46% will decide to directly ask for a raise, 26% decided to change jobs. However, when asked about the most recent salary increase, nearly 50% of employees have not received a raise in the last 6 months.

Percentage increase in Hanoi, Vietnam salary benchmark

3. Recommended from Navigos Group

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group shared: “Salary plays a very important role in attracting and retaining talents, especially in the context of the recruitment market in Vietnam becoming more and more vibrant and competitive due to the investment of FDI enterprises. The Jobseekers Salary Guide Report in Vietnam in 2019 was conducted by VietnamWorks with the aim of helping businesses understand the importance of salary information impacting the job-seeking behavior of jobseekers. And at the same time, can be considered as a Navigos search salary guide for enterprises to apply to match job seekers' expectations.”

(Conducted by Vietnamworks)