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How global enterprises enable women’s leadership in Vietnam market?


Posted by Thuy Duong Phan

7 months ago

1. Leap and The net will appear – Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai, Navigos Search

Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai - Managing Director of Navigos Search shared the findings of Navigos Search's survey on women in workplace. Within the scope of “Women who make the difference” event, organized by Navigos Search, Ms. Mai shared many of her stories on the importance to support femininity to grow and develop in the modern world. Her stories are both about her family and her work, on how to convince her male counterpart to lend their aid to women, not only in Navigos Search, but around the world. Moreover, she also shared about how her company built an environment in support of female workers who have children as well as many fond memories of their happy time working for the company with their pressure lifted.


2. The strategy of 50 – 50? – Ms. Nguyen Thien Thanh (TT), Edelman

Ms. Nguyen Thien Thanh – CEO of Edelman Vietnam shared the stories and strategies of Edelman on encouraging women leadership and making the gender ratio in the upper leader levels balanced. In the presentation, she also stated out the unconscious bias from both males and females at life and work, what created the differences in the way they are treated and the key points on making gender diversity more possible and accessible in companies and corporations in general.

3. Women in STEM – Mind the gap! – Ms. Alison Astarita, Gentherm Vietnam

Ms. Alison Astarita - Managing Director of Gentherm Vietnam shared about how Gentherm set its initiatives to aid Women in STEM and talked about how they “Mind the Gap” in workplace’s gender equality. Ms. Alison shared her experience in building a factory tailored and oriented toward breaking the traditional silos-based working system to bring departments together. Furthermore, she delved into her company’s journey to give women a chance to thrive in leadership roles as well as creating a fixed attitude toward recruitment, breaking away from old traditions. On the other hand, she spoke about matters regarding companies’ safety policies for employees via external partnerships and conducted training.

3. Diversity, Inclusion & Belongings – Mr. Scott Pugh, LinkedIn

In Navigos Search's VIP annual seminar "Women Who Make the Difference", Mr. Scott Pugh - Head of Global Accounts, LinkedIn APAC and Japan shared about how LinkedIn is creating a diverse and inclusive workforce as well as helping other companies execute their Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Scott also shared some of his personal as well as professional stories regarding the important topic of “Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging” and how LinkedIn put forward a lot of efforts and initiatives to enable women their best chances to participate in the economy and in stereotypically unsuitable fields such as STEM.

4. Panel Discussion in Hanoi event

5. Panel Discussion in Ho Chi Minh event

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