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Report on recruitment demands for senior management level in Quarter 2/2018


Posted by Thuy Duong Phan

over 2 years ago

Hanoi, July 10, 2018 --- Navigos Group, Vietnam’s leading recruitment service provider owning VietnamWorks, the online job-search platform, and Navigos Search, the middle level and executive search, has issued the report on recruitment demands for senior management level in Vietnam through Navigos Search’s clients’ hiring needs in Q2/2018. This quarter has witnessed high demands in Manufacturing, IT and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

There is a shortage of local experienced employees in blockchain.

Blockchain is a new technology which tends to dramatically develop in Vietnam recently. This technology has been applied in finance and banking, fintech, logistics, healthcare, and many other areas, and has captured the interest of Government as well as businesses in Vietnam. Working with our clients in this field has let us know that the current labor market is in considerable need of experienced workforce in blockchain. Therefore, businesses are willing to recruit engineers in general information technology, and they will spend three months to study this technology before implementing the actual product development. Besides, as observed by Navigos Search, despite their young age and high interest in new technology, engineers are still relatively cautious in making decision to move to this field. Meanwhile, due to the difficulty in recruiting local IT engineers, businesses are willing to hire foreign experts (mainly from Russia, Ukraine and The US), given that there is little difference between salaries paid to Vietnamese candidates and their foreign counterparts (around USD2,000 to USD3,000 per month). In QII, the north market also sees rising recruitment demands for IT engineers in banking-finance and fintech. This is mainly explained by the fact that those enterprises want to build a team of internal IT engineers focused on product development to race for ‘digital technology’ in banking and finance industry.

Textile enterprises double their production scales, causing challenges in filling vacancies.

According to Navigos Search, a number of textile and garment enterprises in northern region have expanded their plants with their scales being doubled in Q2. Thus, the demand for human resources at all levels has been on the noticeable rise. However, the industry is facing a shortage of local workforce, even in the surrounding areas, so many enterprises have to find personnel in the southern market and relocate them to work in the North. Regarding managerial positions, the recruitment also encounters adversities due to high demands on meeting international standards in the operation relating to compliance, discipline, and despite their managerial experience, a great number of candidates at this level are not fluent in English, which again is a shortcoming of many Vietnamese mid-level staff, particularly in manufacturing.

Electrical engineers have many job opportunities in the field of clean energy.

Clean energy, including wind power and solar energy, has received considerable investment, primarily of the joint venture between Vietnamese companies and their partners from Europe such as Denmark, Germany, etc, which has led to high needs for electrical engineers in the field. Clean energy is still relatively new to Vietnam, so a large number of job vacancies in this sector have not been filled. To tackle this scarcity, businesses accept to recruit experienced electrical engineers who work in thermal or hydroelectric power plants, and train them to catch up with work. These positions all require professional skills and English proficiency.

Business model restructuring causes FMCG candidates to change their career paths.

According to Navigos Search, FCMG companies in southern region tend to restructure their operations. At the same time, foreign corporations in this sector are inclined to exercise ‘shared services’ for the countries in the region belong to the their groups, especially back office, including HR, Finance, Customer Services, Supply chain, etc., which leads to streamlining the personnel. Many candidates in this sector starts seeking other jobs, in which, jobs in IT and technology are of their interest and taken into their consideration.

Marketing positions are well-paid.

There are quite a few positions Navigos Search has recruited for their clients with salary ranged from VND100 million to VND300 million per month in finance and banking, manufacturing, hospitality, for both local and exotic candidates. The position of Marketing Director at different industry is also paid from VND100 million to VND200 million on monthly basis.