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Report of executive recruitment demand in Vietnam market in the 1st quarter of 2018


Posted by Navigos Group

about 3 years ago

Hanoi, 11/4/2018--- Navigos Group, leading recruitment service corporation in Vietnam, comprised of VietnamWorks, an online recruitment portal and Navigos Search, an executive search firm, today public data of executive recruitment demand in Vietnam market through the recruitment demand of Navigos Search customers in the 1st quarter of 2018 with some highlights.

Investment of FDI increases significantly, manufacturing sector has highest recruitment demand in the 1st quarter.

Base on the statistics of Navigos Search, in this 1st quarter, recruitment demand from manufacturing sector is highest, accounts for 40% of recruitment demand of Navigos Search’s customers. In term of macroeconomics, Manufacturing industry grows rapidly up to 13.56% in this quarter led this sector becomes thrive. From recruiters’ point of view, manufacturing has numerous job opportunities for workers, engineers to Management levels. In North area, industrial zones in Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Phu Tho always lack of human resources when foreign investors build many factories there.

In the Electronical/Electronics sector, FDI enterprises have expansion demands of its factories, especially, Korean enterprises which have expansion scale is up to 10,000 people. That is the reason why these enterprises always lack of human resources and have to seek for employees in different provinces in the North.

Recruitment demand of manufacturing sector in the South is also increase remarkably. In the same time, some enterprises are even expand to recruit foreigner candidate for top management positions.

Besides manufacturing, top 4 sectors which have highest recruitment demand in this quarters are Retail, Finance-Banking, Information technology. About Information technology, the recruitment demand in the 1st quarter is high significantly in Fintech, E-Commerce, Database management, Mobile platform, Game and Network Security in Finance and Banking field. In this quarter, Navigos Search also received many recruitment demand in Real Estate and Tourism-Hospitality. These multi-disciplinary companies are focusing on recruit top management positions for their expansion to other sectors besides the main sector.

Recruitment demand for executive positions in Retail industry increase remarkably.

From March, many enterprises in Retail industry in the South speed up recruitment progress for Management levels for their expansion or internal system restructuring. Food & Beverage sector, Entertainment have new brands beside franchise stores that leads to the dynamic growth and promised potential development of these sectors. However, number of candidates in Retail industry is becoming smaller due to candidates have not met requirements of recruitment demand in the market. Therefore, Retail industry is facing with lacking human resources and this number is predicted will be smaller in the 2nd quarter.

In the 1st quarter, Retail and Fashion Enterprise in the North have intention of expanding their business following e-commerce form. Besides, many companies in Fashion field have intention of investing on R&D and Marketing department to catch up with new fashion trends in the world and build up their brand strategy. Thus, many positions related to R&D, fashion design, Marketing, E-commerce and Online Sales have high recruitment demand.

Large Vietnamese FMCG enterprises take great effort to attract talent candidates.

In the North area, in many large Vietnamese FMCG companies, which have strong financial ability, have dynamic recruitments with variety activities to attract potential candidates. These companies want to restructure their business to reform and professionalize their distribution system and also to positioning their brand in the market. These companies also offer salary which equivalent to salary in foreign corporation. They willing to pay more to acquire suitable candidates. From Navigos Search’s observation, the gap between large Vietnamese enterprises and foreign corporation is becoming smaller, especially in top Management positions.

Japanese enterprises have high recruitment demand in Manufacturing, Information technology and Service sectors.

Japanese enterprises are global customers of Navigos Search which have main recruitment demand on Manufacturing, Information technology and Service. Based on the forecast for the 2nd quarter, recruitment demand in Japanese companies still increase highly regarding to its starting financial year (from April) and they had recruitment plan for 2018.

Salary of top Management positions in FMCG – Real Estate – Tourism/Hospitality is highest in the 1st quarter.

In this quarter, Navigos Search noted that salary of management positions in FMCG – Real Estate – Tourism/Hospitality is quite high, from 200 – 350 million VND/month.


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